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Mixtape me anotha

yyyyyYYYYYYYESSSSSssss!  Stephan threw a mixtape on your face!!!  It’s been a minute now since we’ve gotten more than 3 minutes of Jacobs juicyness.  Obviously it’s taken quite a while to get a mixtape of this caliber.  This mix takes you from grimy Dutch house to bass to trap to you name it, with highlights of hip hop making this musical journey extra super duper womp womp danceable.

I’ve been a fan of Stephan ever since I heard his remix of Gui Boratto’s “No Turning back”.   When I first heard it, I thought my heart was going to break or burst out of my chest or ears or ANYwhere! The emotion was just overwhelming and to this day when I play it I still feel it just as hard as the first time.  To me, this is the reason music exists.


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