Hello Mellow

So after all the dragons and battle with the last post, let’s chill out in a field or something.  This is one of those songs that you should listen to while taking a walk alone on a sunny day, doesn’t matter where. From beach to city, this song will chill you out and remind you that it’s just good to be alive.

Just smile and nod.


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Slow Motion Sunday

It’s noon on a Sunday, so you probably aren’t awake yet.  But when you DO open those bleary eyes and ears, I’ll have this soft sexy song spooning you awake.  Warning: this song might me you wanna get back in bed and light some candles if you know what I meeeEEEEAANNNnn!!!! Bowchikkabowbowwwww! 😉

ASTR is a duo living and producing in NYC that met at a yoga class. (I simply adore that.) Their sound is influenced by cinema noire,  Miami Vice and Urban dreamscape.

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swiss BANK on it

Move your money, babies… or your money makers at least, and do it to this deep, slinky house from Cédric Zeyenne out of Zurich, Switzerland. It’s got all the classic house goodies hollow echoing, snap/claps, driving beat with added bluesy  electric guitar  and deep modulated wookie voice. So take THAT all you chipmunk voices out there, take THAT!

and P.S. the video was just shot here in LA:

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Don’t Bury This

An-Ten-Nae’s new group Dimond Saints, with Releece, is gonna rock your world with sultry sexy beats that you’ll have on repeat all. Day.  The thing that hooked me about this track is the crazy intense emotion they packed into it. Warning: You’ll maybe probably definitely get misty eyed.

I’m biting my nails off waiting for their first single + video to debut in 2 days, Jan 15th!

Follow them: soundcloud.com/dimondsaints

FB: facebook.com/dimondsaints

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