Keep it Midnight

An-Ten-Nae’s new duo with Releece is really nailing the sexy throbbing bass… but they have been since day one!  Their latest right here is no exception.  This bassline is so seductive with a heavy bounce that belongs in the bedroom.  Sensuality drips from every ounce of this song, from the very beginning with its body-rolling rhythm, throaty vocals paired with angelic cries and teasing build that’s got me gripping the edge of the bed.

I really appreciate how Dimond Saints knows how to command a song and feed it with quiet burning energy, an amazing alternative to a club banger, but still lends the ability to get absolutely filthy on the dance floor! Grinding is the old school twerking after all… let’s get back to our roots people!!!


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It’s Only Machinedrum

If I could pick one word to describe this song it would velvet.

It seems DJ Shadow requested this remix from Machinedrum, and now I feel I owe him my firstborn. This remix actually does the original major justice! I’m addicted to the dramatic intro leading into a tension perfectly created by the drums and soft sirens mingling together.  Machinedrum creates a hypnotic dark beat to mate with those foreboding lyrics we all know and love. Thus, an eerie velvety remix was born!! I think we need to start breeding excellent producers with more songs like that.  There are too many remixes out there that make me want to cry for the future of electronic music, while eating an entire pan of homemade brownies.

Let’s focus on the good, shall we?

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90s Trap?!

Well aint DIS some shit?! Amazing shit!  Firstly, I love 90s music and I don’t care what anyone else says. Secondly, I love good remixes.

This is a glorious combo of both!! I’m really diggin that snake charmer sound thrown in there with an appropriate use of high hats. (Sometimes [mostofthetime] trap producers abuse the high hats and that crap just offends the senses. SUBTLETY my friends!!!) I also think it’s cool that they purposely included more than the chorus for lyrics, like many remixes tend to do.  It does the original more justice if you ask me.

On top of that, getting the free download bring’s your to Walu’s page which is a charity for improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions in Papua New Guinea’s coastal communities. HOLLA!!!

Golfer’s clap! Support and show love to some sweet beats!


Support Walu International:

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I apologize for the title… you know I can’t resist. I’ve been living with my roommate for too long and every other word out of her mouth is a pun.

So quite obviously I’m really feelin this pan shit right here.. I think I’m started to get addicted to this “future trap” fad that’s swooping in like a swarm of locusts. I’m ok with it, as it feels less like slapped in the face with high hats and more about an upbeat tempo with flow. I’m also ok with adding flutes to electronic and I think there needs to be so much more of it.  This song has such a catchy melody and a perfectly smooth and fitting drop at the end that also kind of has an Eastern flavor to me.

I think we can expect a lot more amazing combinations of wind instruments in Tomsize’s future beats. This guy knows what he’s doing.


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Gone too Far?

Ok so I don’t know if I’ve been listening to electronic music for too long.  I keep searching for newer and newer sounds that perhaps I’ve gone over the edge and no one is hearing the same thing I am… This song, to me, is such a beautiful culmination of subtle sounds and quirky peaks that I feel like everyone should be addicted!  I guess I just don’t understand why songs like this don’t get the love they deserve!

Show Akouo mo’ love!!

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