magbo system


Okay, there need to be more songs like this in the world! Don’t Wait from Mapei out of Stockholm Sweden. Hollow with vinyl crackle, finger snaps, hand drum, and simple strumming, just lovely. The electrolarynx effect on the back up vox is super interesting as well. This one needs to hit top 40, with everyone singing along. I’m thinking Prom theme, graduation ceremonies. Here’s the new video, you guys watch, I’mma go cry by a bond fire or something.

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Crazy Good

This song is so good it’s crazy.  At first I was like oh ok, that’s nice and stuff, but then when the wubby wub dropped in I was like OH OK THAT’S NICE AND STUFF!!!!!  Nothin gets me like beautiful female vocals with wubby wub wub in the tub.  This song just makes me feel like a tiger… ladies you know,  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

So here is a doodle in honor of thy Luv Maschine, professionally doodled by yours trulyyy!

Also, I found this song on HOLLA!!!

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