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Don’t Fight It

Today was cloudy and gloomy…  I freakin LOVED every freakin SECOND of it.  To celebrate, I listened to this seductive mellow jam right here.  I love the floating haunting vocals with dreamy synths that just take you away… so much so, that at about 2:51 I start to feel like I’m getting hypnotized by that beautiful swell of sound.  Seekae’s remix doesn’t drift too far from the original (which is a dark gorgeousness in and of itself) but I like this twist on it… kinda adds a slower Trentmoller feel.  Exquisite!!



And the original!


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All Mine

Errybody loves Beyonce.  Not errybody loves remixes, BUT, this one’s a surprising doozy!  This song gets you going with some lovely piano keys and a teasing subtle thump.  I was vibin’ to it, and THEN! ALLUVASUDDEN! It drops at 1:27 with a mega switcharoo: plucky hollow pops transitioning to some gnarly grittyness at 1:45 and I was jjjaaammmin’!!!!  Such surprise! So glorious!!  And I am obsessed with the echoey vocals trailing to the finish.  Beautiful.


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Snatch This

“They don’t make dubstep like they used to.” I mean, doesn’t everyone hear that every other day or so? …Or maybe it’s just me who’s sayin that every other day or so….. But let’s be real, quite often, dubstep really isn’t what it used to be! It’s had it’s 15 minutes of fame, (yet forever altering the electronic music world as we know it).  HOWEVER, it’s not going quietly into the night as there are still pllllenty of dubstep artists with massive skillz!  It’s just harder to find them amongst the gigantic sea of new producers creating the “hardest” sounds possible but forgetting the art of creation and the power of an appropriate drop that is more than the sound of a washing machine on steroids.

Trolley Snatcha (Zack the Lad) is so ridiculously skilled in creating his own unique concoction of sounds and maintaining that classical grimy dub quality that we all got addicted to in the beginning.  This song is PERFECT for Friday to amp you up for the weekend!! I love the raggaeton style rising into the sickest wobbles and rich growling drops that have a character all their own.  Trolley knows how to switch up his heavy sounds and create a variety of gritty bass, keeping you entertained from start to finish. This. Is dubstep mastery.

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Freakout Chillout

Nothin like a chill song with positive vibes to git you through that rough hump day!  I’ve been on an Ambassadeurs kick since seeing him open for Odesza at the Fonda this past Saturday.  He was the PERFECT pairing with Odesza and really brought his A game.. def walked away with a bazillion new fans I’m surrrrre of it.

This jam definitely takes you on a lovely internal journey. At 7 minutes you’d think that might drag but the quiet build is transcending and hypnotizing.  I love the hollowed vocals and soothing background sounds with a soft hum of bass.  It’s a great song to mellow you without putting you in a sleeper hold!


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Breathtakingly Breathless

I always take my hat off for a good remix.. I think it might seeeeeem like it should be easier to create, because you already have a foundation to work from, but in some ways it’s gotta be way harder because how do you break free from what’s already laid down and keep the parts that work?

So, I tip my hat to Regulator’s remix of Candyland’s, “Breathless”.  They added just enough bass and switched up the whole vibe of the song!  Candyland’s original is much more house-y and sweet, with a tropical island feel, which I’m cool with but I’m really feelin’ Regulator’s take on it.  The vocal warp, bassline and some tasteful high hats and claps, all work so well together .  The build and drop is heavier and has a sexy bite to it.  Definitely, breath-taking.

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