Keep it Midnight

An-Ten-Nae’s new duo with Releece is really nailing the sexy throbbing bass… but they have been since day one!  Their latest right here is no exception.  This bassline is so seductive with a heavy bounce that belongs in the bedroom.  Sensuality drips from every ounce of this song, from the very beginning with its body-rolling rhythm, throaty vocals paired with angelic cries and teasing build that’s got me gripping the edge of the bed.

I really appreciate how Dimond Saints knows how to command a song and feed it with quiet burning energy, an amazing alternative to a club banger, but still lends the ability to get absolutely filthy on the dance floor! Grinding is the old school twerking after all… let’s get back to our roots people!!!


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I would never have guessed this was Shakira and I have no idea why distorting her voice that low would be sexy but it seriously is.  The sexy chill vibe of this song is kiiiinda outta control.  The mellow bassline with the perfect amount of reverb and repetition makes me wanna run an ice cube down my neck in slow mo… (or better yet, down Shakira’s neck.)  I even love the wolf howling at the intro and bidding us farewell to some delightful crickets!  And I can think of no better way to end this sultry sweetness.


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Gangsta Love

You cannot deny the appeal of smooth thug love and this song is fully embracing it.

I was completely hooked in the first 5 seconds, with the provocative lyrics and soft reverb on the vocals punctuated by simple snaps.  This sensual rhythmic intro sways into steady drum beat (and possibly wooden percussion?), keeping that sizzling vibe but adding depth.  I mean, this shit will get you sweatin.. not like, a complete gloss coat of sweat, but that one drop that kinda snakes down from your temple and slowly drips along the side of your neck all the way past the clavicle… shit’s real.  After the sexy beat tapers off to cool you down with some gentle soothing keyboard notes, you realize… this song is gangsta.


And you might be pregnant. (Go figure that only took about 2 minutes…)


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I <3 RoBOTs

I’m a sucker for Robots, Trap and Bass, so RoBOT RoMANCE from Sik VAN DYKE is right up my alley. The Blackmill and Purity Ring remixes are my favorite. SiK has actually enhanced them, which I believe is hard to do because they’re pretty much perfect as is, so it’s an impressive batch of work. I’ve experienced his spinning at several events, including the Gladkill Los Angeles album release party and it’s always satisfying. Go on a sexy trap sizzle, silky galactic bass journey with this mix:

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