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I like to think of it as the living room of Coachella; The Do Lab Stage line up is out, meet me there!


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Keep it Midnight

An-Ten-Nae’s new duo with Releece is really nailing the sexy throbbing bass… but they have been since day one!  Their latest right here is no exception.  This bassline is so seductive with a heavy bounce that belongs in the bedroom.  Sensuality drips from every ounce of this song, from the very beginning with its body-rolling rhythm, throaty vocals paired with angelic cries and teasing build that’s got me gripping the edge of the bed.

I really appreciate how Dimond Saints knows how to command a song and feed it with quiet burning energy, an amazing alternative to a club banger, but still lends the ability to get absolutely filthy on the dance floor! Grinding is the old school twerking after all… let’s get back to our roots people!!!


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Dimonds are a girl’s best friend

So, I admit, I’ve been a little late on the An-Ten-Nae train.  I only recently became hooked at Burning Man this past year.  It was the first night I arrived in Black Rock City so obviously I was obligated to see the sun rise!  And thank heaven almighty, because that’s when we stumbled upon An-Ten-Nae reigning mind melting bass upon the desert.  After dancing til I thought my legs were made of rainbow marshmellows, I stumbled over to my friend and screamed in her ear “WHODAFUQISTHIS?! WEGOTTAFINDOUT!” (I’m pretty sure I made her ear bleed. ) And the rest is history.

Now lucky for us, An-Ten-Nae isn’t a one trick pony.  Also part of LowRIDERz, a bassilicious trio, he has now teamed up with Releece to create…(drum roll pleeeease!)… Dimond Saints!

If you’re craving deep dark and ridiculously sexy bass with smooth grime then look no further! Dimond Saints has got that handled with remixes of Lorde, Florence, and my fav remix, Jaymes Young’s “Moondust”, each one taking you through a sultry aural journey.

In anticipation of their album release,  Shingetsu, this Saturday at Lure in Hollywood, I’ve chosen “The Rising” to give you a taste of what you are going to become addicted to.  I’m reeeeally feeling this one as it’s incredibly well crafted and makes me feel like I’m floating through space.

ALSO!!!! Super stoked to be LIVE PAINTING at this event!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold still long enough to put the brush to the canvas!  This is huge to me because I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve painted to An-Ten-Nae’s Medicine Crunk Mixtape and now I’ll be painting to Dimond Saints live.. can’t even describe how ridiculous this is!



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Don’t Bury This

An-Ten-Nae’s new group Dimond Saints, with Releece, is gonna rock your world with sultry sexy beats that you’ll have on repeat all. Day.  The thing that hooked me about this track is the crazy intense emotion they packed into it. Warning: You’ll maybe probably definitely get misty eyed.

I’m biting my nails off waiting for their first single + video to debut in 2 days, Jan 15th!

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