Blues Baby

Awwww yyyeeeaaa!!  Some bad ass blues-y business goin on here.  I love the trippy effects at the intro that blossom into some groovy gravelly bass carried through the rest of the song.  It’s a perfect seasoning for sampling those blues lyrics.  There’s a slow motion, stoned kind of feel that just makes you close your eyes and smiiiiiile.

This beauty right here is a collaboration of Adam Deitch (drummer for Pretty Lights), Break Science, and Manic Focus.  You can definitely hear the signature sounds of each artist melding into a rather fine specimen for the electronic music world!  It’s only their first babe together and I’m already holding my breath for the next one!

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Hybrid Babies

I like a lot of things.. wacky samples, outlandish remixes, chipmunk voices and unique sounds to name a few, but another thing I like, is when someone creates a hybrid baby with flavors of other artists I like.

This right here, is a perfect example of old school Polish Ambassador and Pretty Lights making an adorably funky baby with Cosby Sweater.  There’s a difference between replicating someone else’s sound and creating something beautiful and new with potential influences from other artists.  That’s something quite challenging but very rewarding if accomplished.  I like that Cosby Sweater broke away from the original (by Break Science) enough to create a new song with a completely different feel, as the original has a glitchy or gritty feel to it (kinda like Phutureprimitive got involved with the hybrid baby making), but Cosby Sweater turned it’s direction much more to the funk side. Definitely love both versions!

Fun stuff kids!!!


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