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It’s Only Machinedrum

If I could pick one word to describe this song it would velvet.

It seems DJ Shadow requested this remix from Machinedrum, and now I feel I owe him my firstborn. This remix actually does the original major justice! I’m addicted to the dramatic intro leading into a tension perfectly created by the drums and soft sirens mingling together.  Machinedrum creates a hypnotic dark beat to mate with those foreboding lyrics we all know and love. Thus, an eerie velvety remix was born!! I think we need to start breeding excellent producers with more songs like that.  There are too many remixes out there that make me want to cry for the future of electronic music, while eating an entire pan of homemade brownies.

Let’s focus on the good, shall we?

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Art – Jack Garratt

I love ominous. I love dark undertones.  I love quiet rage.  When this song came on, from the very beginning with it’s hollow vocals and eerie echoes, I was hooked.   It’s gentle and almost soothing, but you can feel the growing pressure.. you know something’s coming.  It seems like a soft seething til it releases a smooth fury at 2:18.  SSSSOOOooooo  sexy!!!!!! (I think I may have made a sound similar to a porno at that point. EMBARRRAAsssiinnng!) It’s just SO GOOD though!  This song captures them molten heartbreak feels.  When a song captivates me like that…I MUST MAKE ART!!!!!

CURSES! I am a slaaaaave to good muuuuussiiiicc!!!!

Worry - Jack Garratt

Worry – Jack Garratt


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ART: Zhu – Faded

So yesterday, MrSuicideSheep  ( posted this purr worthy song that I’ve obviously been repeating ever since I heard it.  I love sexy songs with underlying tones of darkness.  To me, this song is perfect for that… and totally relatable. How many times have I thought this, and the only thing stopping me was that I couldn’t drive… due to that whole “faded” thing… Kinda ironic.  Love it! Had to make a lyrics piece to it!

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Scare Me

I’m absolutely loving the eerie yet dancey vibe this beat is drummin’ to!  Being able to balance and blend unique sounds is a craft for sure and Rude Kid is damn good at it. That piano plus the gritty bass and subtle vocals? YES.

Going through his sounds he mixes in that sweet wubby wub with hip hop, bass, grime, darkness, and funk.  He has an edgy sound for sure, always creepin in with a dark undertone that makes you wanna slither on the dance floor. With the inflation of electronic music you really need a unique signature style to rise to the top and I can’t wait to see Rude Boy get there!

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