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Ocean Floors.

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Don’t Fight It

Today was cloudy and gloomy…  I freakin LOVED every freakin SECOND of it.  To celebrate, I listened to this seductive mellow jam right here.  I love the floating haunting vocals with dreamy synths that just take you away… so much so, that at about 2:51 I start to feel like I’m getting hypnotized by that beautiful swell of sound.  Seekae’s remix doesn’t drift too far from the original (which is a dark gorgeousness in and of itself) but I like this twist on it… kinda adds a slower Trentmoller feel.  Exquisite!!



And the original!


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Get Krooked

DAMMIT DENVER!!!! Why are YOU the most popular ho?!?!! Denver is like the broodmare for producing superior quality producers. She is The MOTHER PRODUCER if you will.  She popped out Krooked Drivers a couple years ago and now they are in their “terrible two’s” phase.  And when I say terrible, we all know I mean like super duper awesome.  The duo is constantly pushing variation from song to song and working their ASSES off to avoid all genre types, I swear! You never know what they’re gonna bust out next.

This jam right here is killin’ it with dat synth, uplifting beat and chipmunk voice (I will forever adore the chipmunk voice. Don’t hate.)  I’m seriously loving the gorgeous blend of hyper drums, angelic strings, and subtle crackle effect creating a dynamic cluster of rrrrich sound.  This song shares some elements of Beats Antique and Pretty Lights (AGAIN DENVER! AGAIN!!!!), with it’s cultural sound, energetic melody and funky flavor.

Deez guys (well, guy and girl) got what it takes to rise above. Get on that followin’, they will not disappoint!


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I can not believe how good this little gem is, Soma & Prysm- Anubis from Caliber Music. The Egyptian vibe paired with the low bassy reverberating laser is etching a sphinx into my brain as we speak, in other words, it’s my jam! Subtle rhythmic beeps, crunchy clapping and some kind of un identified creature slithering and clicking in the back ground. Interesting. Exciting. Are they for real?! They’re my new favorite and I can’t wait to hear moar.

Soma & Prysm

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