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Check out AudioMolly’s sweet new graphix! I’m taking it for a test drive to Epoch Rises new track Binary. Starting out with beautiful exotic singing, some slappin’ da bass mon, and ample growls. The zippy vibrato and staticy, glitch organ make me want to monster mash, plus they go great with the tragic choir/violin duo and intense build-then-drop.  I’m almost certain that I hear a “Woah!” or two in there, then they break it down right about 2:13. 01000001 01001101 00100000 00111100 00110011 01110011 00100000 01000101 01010010

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Swedish House Mafia + Epoch Rises= so good I forgot how to add

Start the week off with some fist pumps, this new Greyhound remix from Epoch Rises is charged with enough energy to last you until Friday.  The deflating accordion/unmuffled harzoo (harmonica-kazoo yeah, they exist) sound at .43 is perfectly juxtaposed by the low bass and honking buzzes following. You’ll definitely want to race after they kick it up at 2.04, then grind down at 3.00.

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Bound 2 Dance

This remix is straight out tha salon bitch!!  Epoch is gonna rock dance floors with this one!  Super dance-able beat and a crisp mixing of fresh sounds with just a  few lines from our beloved Kanye perfectly peppered in.  Ashamedly, I am a fan of Kanye but honestly, we really don’t need much of him interrupting Epoch’s masterpiece. I’m sure Taylor Swift would agree. Womp wommmp!

I first saw Epoch this past year at LA Decomp and was blown away.  Still in the youth of their career, their gritty grimy yet bouncy notes drew in a huge crowd of energy and movement!  You’ve gotta get following ’em, or they’ll leave without you!!



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drone strike!

Last year, these guys released the only Daft Punk remix that’s ever caught my attention and looks like they’re currently making some more music of their own. This track, Maximus deploys brutal beats, tragic drops and sound design akin to that of Noisia’s. The severity of its intense, gritty vibe is mischievously countered by swishy cranking, muted scratches and an ambush of Epoch’s sick signature doppler effects. They’re going to blow your mind up when they land, so prep. Stat. This is not for the faint of heart.

Trip out on the music vid: (graphics by Beeple)

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