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FORM 2017

A totally immersive and truly transformational festival is on the map for their 4th year, in the futurist inspired city, Arcosanti, Arizona. The self-proclaimed mission of FORM is to celebrate creativity, foster collaboration, inspire new work & perspective, & to promote the role of art in public life in an atmosphere of meaningful intimacy. The festival will accept 800 attendees through an application process, with 2017 being the first year to charge for tickets.

So much makes this festival special, my favorite being that pets are welcome and as The New York Times speculated in their 2016 write-up; it’s practically like festivaling in a friend’s backyard (an ultra-epic backyard.) FORM is the festival we’re most excited about for 2017, so stay posted here for more updates and pending line-up.

About Arcosanti, Arizona:

“65 miles North of Phoenix in Arizona’s high desert, Arcosanti is a non-profit urban experiment in community, innovative design and environmental accountability.

Arcosanti’s architect, Paolo Soleri, believed the urban planning of his time to be unsustainable: cities were too big, too wasteful and isolating. His dream was to build a fully functioning, environmentally responsible city that balanced architecture and ecology – a compact alternative that felt more natural, social, and aligned with how people were meant to live.”

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