I can not believe how good this little gem is, Soma & Prysm- Anubis from Caliber Music. The Egyptian vibe paired with the low bassy reverberating laser is etching a sphinx into my brain as we speak, in other words, it’s my jam! Subtle rhythmic beeps, crunchy clapping and some kind of un identified creature slithering and clicking in the back ground. Interesting. Exciting. Are they for real?! They’re my new favorite and I can’t wait to hear moar.

Soma & Prysm

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beeeelie intaaalesting

A little birdie- wait, actually a huge ripped birdie told me that this track is trap. I’m agreeing, partially out of intimidation, but I do hear a little trappity-trap-trap in there, which makes me flash the ice in my grill. How low can these sick electro ass reverberating growls go?Also, news flash Corporate is AWESOME! Where have they been all my life? Try not to be too annoyed if I post a bunch more tracks from them soon. Who am I kidding, you won’t be annoyed. You will like it. You will sit there and like the crap out of it. I love how the vox sound like singing into a fan, 2:07. “Yea-eeh-eeh-eeh-eah” And the creepy, pinging chirps and sirens at the end, word.

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Your money’s no good here, bitch.

This glitched out remix of Pegboard Nerds’ High Roller from Astronaut has got funky Seventies guitar and bass with zips and lasers, what more could you ask for on a Monday?… I only wish they had captured just a little bit more of the reverberating growl of “high rolla” from the original. Regardless, this one will get you moving and hopefully chase away any of those Monday blues.

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