magbo system


Opiuo animorphed Neosignal’s 1000 Volts into a beast! Crisp and powerful with deep bass, punchy rythmic layers and a solid melody to complement the electric guitar.  They also added a hivey buzz and pretty climbing beeps. Break it down at 4 minutes in! Don’t you just love it when a good song is long? I’m really impressed with this piece of music and hope to hear more like it.

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Makes my heart go click clack

I am lovin the grimy sounds and drum breaks in this sweet jam by Buku!  The whole song is well put together and flows smoothly.  You kinda think it’s gonna hit hard like a club fist pumper but it’s just svelte, like James Bond.  (And James Bond would not associate with fist pumpers. )   This song is classy but means dirty business.

Also I’m addicted to the sounds at .48.. just can’t stop repeating!!

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Bound 2 Dance

This remix is straight out tha salon bitch!!  Epoch is gonna rock dance floors with this one!  Super dance-able beat and a crisp mixing of fresh sounds with just a  few lines from our beloved Kanye perfectly peppered in.  Ashamedly, I am a fan of Kanye but honestly, we really don’t need much of him interrupting Epoch’s masterpiece. I’m sure Taylor Swift would agree. Womp wommmp!

I first saw Epoch this past year at LA Decomp and was blown away.  Still in the youth of their career, their gritty grimy yet bouncy notes drew in a huge crowd of energy and movement!  You’ve gotta get following ’em, or they’ll leave without you!!



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Fresh in the House

Truthfully, I must admit that I am not a House fan.  I mean really, there’s only so much time I will allow myself on the dance floor closing my eyes and bobbing my head, until I need to get a really stiff drink (or 6 or 7…).  HOWEVER, there are times when I will make an exception and gaddammit, I am making an exception for this one!

So, I was just lookin for new music this morning, lettin’ my soundcloud do it’s thang and when this song hit 2:00 I spazzed and bolted out of my roommate’s room (nearly trampling the cat) to see what track was playing.

Jayyfresh definitely has his own sound style that will set him apart from other House producers, with a beat to hop up to mixed with that dirty grimy sound to get DOWN to!  He barely started producing just 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 16, so sky’s the limit for this guy!


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