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Oiki Trapsteps It Up

The melody floods up from below, as if just released from deep within the belly of an ancient tomb. Middle Eastern flair from a zurna inspired lead with doumbek and oud just banging it out in the background. Dubbed out beat and a little trap sizzle with inflated timpani rolls borrowed from 90s rap. Can’t get any better, can it? Wait. It can and it does; crunky muted lasers etch oiki-oiki-oiki into your brain over and over again, (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt) AND you’ll be over-joyed to know that the growls are indeed related to those in Get It Now for that signature Oiki sound that makes the panties fly! IED; blow up in ya face like- explode up in this place like an-!

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drone strike!

Last year, these guys released the only Daft Punk remix that’s ever caught my attention and looks like they’re currently making some more music of their own. This track, Maximus deploys brutal beats, tragic drops and sound design akin to that of Noisia’s. The severity of its intense, gritty vibe is mischievously countered by swishy cranking, muted scratches and an ambush of Epoch’s sick signature doppler effects. They’re going to blow your mind up when they land, so prep. Stat. This is not for the faint of heart.

Trip out on the music vid: (graphics by Beeple)

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