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Saxy Tiiiiiime

Let’s get our tropical groove on!  But also, let’s be sorta sad while we get our tropical groove on.

That’s how this song makes me feel.  I think mixing a cheerful melody with sad lyrics or vice versa is pretty much the best and always will be.  We’ve got some feel-good tropical beats goin on here, with some delightful sax spinnin through it. THEN you layer on these heart breaking lyrics and vocals just oozing with hopelessness. I mean come ON… that filter at 3:31? I think my heart just melted out of my eyes.  So naturally you start sobbing, then the sax comes back and reminds you that life is just life and you know what, you’re gonna be just fine.

Another thing I really respect about this remix is how crazy different it is from the original.  The original is gorgeous, heavy and entirely somber.  How the hell did Thero hear this and go– “OO MAI GAWD! Do you know what would be sick with this?! A TROPICAL BEAT AND SAXOPHONE LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I still don’t know how he pulled it off, but he nailed it.


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House Partay!!!

It’s the 4th o’ July and I don’t give a ffffuuuuuuuuccckkkk!  Sorry wait, if I was a trap star I would say “ffffvvvvvvvck”. Then I am instantly cooler.

Speaking of trap, I’m sort of definitely in love with this trappy hard house hybrid right here.  Such bass!!! Much heavy! Those well timed “woo’s” just git me man.  They complete me, really.

I definitely made a crazy hard playlist for this 4th and this is the leading song for it.  GET YO JAM ON!!!!

Get shwastey today and think of me:

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90s Trap?!

Well aint DIS some shit?! Amazing shit!  Firstly, I love 90s music and I don’t care what anyone else says. Secondly, I love good remixes.

This is a glorious combo of both!! I’m really diggin that snake charmer sound thrown in there with an appropriate use of high hats. (Sometimes [mostofthetime] trap producers abuse the high hats and that crap just offends the senses. SUBTLETY my friends!!!) I also think it’s cool that they purposely included more than the chorus for lyrics, like many remixes tend to do.  It does the original more justice if you ask me.

On top of that, getting the free download bring’s your to Walu’s page which is a charity for improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions in Papua New Guinea’s coastal communities. HOLLA!!!

Golfer’s clap! Support and show love to some sweet beats!


Support Walu International:

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Fresh in the House

Truthfully, I must admit that I am not a House fan.  I mean really, there’s only so much time I will allow myself on the dance floor closing my eyes and bobbing my head, until I need to get a really stiff drink (or 6 or 7…).  HOWEVER, there are times when I will make an exception and gaddammit, I am making an exception for this one!

So, I was just lookin for new music this morning, lettin’ my soundcloud do it’s thang and when this song hit 2:00 I spazzed and bolted out of my roommate’s room (nearly trampling the cat) to see what track was playing.

Jayyfresh definitely has his own sound style that will set him apart from other House producers, with a beat to hop up to mixed with that dirty grimy sound to get DOWN to!  He barely started producing just 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 16, so sky’s the limit for this guy!


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