NiT GriT, Wick-It, Frank Royal at King King

Finally getting to see NiT GriT at King King, Hollywood was as epic as I had expected. He even played my long time favorite remix of Stellamara’s Prituri Se Planinata and some surprise d’n’b tracks. Frank Royal had a poweful opening and Wick-It was cracking me up with his awesome samples, haven’t danced that hard since Burning man. These guys combined laid down so much variety, along with brilliant violinist Maki Hsieh and the Do Lab’s DJ invitational winner B Dash Ray, congratulations! Hopfully we’ll be seeing more shows like this in L.A. photo image

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Spect this

Fractal has a Seven Lions vibe going on now, which couldn’t make me happier. I love the variety in their layering and the way their higher register sounds offset their hard hitting bass and beats. Some of their more chill tracks are out of this world. They’re doing a set at King King this friday night with Bridge Theory and Crywolf. Ooohoho remember that awesome The Kinfe You Make Me Like Charity Crywolf remix? {droooool} Sounds like it’s going to be a crowd pleasing kind of night. I’m really hoping to hear Bloody Mary from Bridge Theory because I can not get enough of these bright beeping raindrops! How have they slipped under my radar for so long?


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