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Ocean Floors.

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New Purity Ring!

More of that delicious deep rumbling timpani bass from Purity Ring. They didn’t forget the trap vibe, hooray! Slightly less haunting lyrics than usual, but solid on beautiful vocals, nonetheless. I like the harmonies at 2:00 and I’m really hoping for a full album soon.

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Instant Hit

Are you ready for a pillow fight? Are you ready for slow mo images of hipster girls doing things like whipping their hair around and blowing bubblegum? Maybe some shots of sneakers with high socks?  THEN GET READY FOR THIS SONG!!!! OH BOY I WANNA HAVE A SLUMBER PARTY!!!

This song is  upbeat, quirky and addictive as hell.  The playful lyrics work perfectly over that happy trappy beat that could easily make this song a big summer hit.  This duo from Seattle has got a confident grasp on balancing pop flavor with just enough chill feel-good vibe!

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