Hot hot hot!!


Song is aptly named I must say. This “wavey” vibe makes me think of heat rising off a scorching sand dune. Maybe because this song is so HOT! (GET IT?!?!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!)  Definitely traveling through a desert town to this one… maybe some harem girls dancing, fire spinning, a giant cobra just chillin on a huge satin pillow.

I love the combo of different cultural sounds with trap and sexy sultry bass popped with some perfectly positioned snaps. I’m gettin on my magic carpet…

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Oiki Trapsteps It Up

The melody floods up from below, as if just released from deep within the belly of an ancient tomb. Middle Eastern flair from a zurna inspired lead with doumbek and oud just banging it out in the background. Dubbed out beat and a little trap sizzle with inflated timpani rolls borrowed from 90s rap. Can’t get any better, can it? Wait. It can and it does; crunky muted lasers etch oiki-oiki-oiki into your brain over and over again, (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt) AND you’ll be over-joyed to know that the growls are indeed related to those in Get It Now for that signature Oiki sound that makes the panties fly! IED; blow up in ya face like- explode up in this place like an-!

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