Open Up Your…

EYES. …Open up your EYES people.

Yet another lyrics piece by yours truly.  This is a particularly mesmerizing remix by CHIEFS which Epoch played during their fantastic set at Alive! which re-triggered my addiction to it.

Per the usual, I played this song on repeat for like 6 bazillion times while I attempted to create a babe as enticing as this song is to me. Hope you enjoy!

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ART: Zhu – Faded

So yesterday, MrSuicideSheep  ( posted this purr worthy song that I’ve obviously been repeating ever since I heard it.  I love sexy songs with underlying tones of darkness.  To me, this song is perfect for that… and totally relatable. How many times have I thought this, and the only thing stopping me was that I couldn’t drive… due to that whole “faded” thing… Kinda ironic.  Love it! Had to make a lyrics piece to it!

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Le Art

So I’ve been listening to songs on repeat for as long as I can remember.  When I get addicted to a song, I will put that shit on repeat for HOURS. (I shit you not, in college I listened to A Perfect Circle covering The Cure’s “Love Song” for 12 hours straight.)  Turns out I get it from my Dad. When my sister got married he listened to MaMa Mia’s “Slipping Through My Fingers” for weeks straight, my mom nearly went clinically insane.

Alright, now with that history I will be posting some random art shit that I’ve worked on while obsessively listening to a song or songs.  This is a digital piece I made from last year, while I was listening to Butch Clancy’s remix of Band of Horses “The Funeral”. I know it’s not new but I just don’t care, I love it in a painful way.

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