ART – Mt. Eden, At Night

So recently I tweeted about Mt. Eden’s latest masterpiece, “At Night”.  Now usually for my lyrics pieces there are, well, LYRICS I incorporate into the art but I don’t think that should restrict what I create art inspired by.  If a song takes me away… that’s all that matters. So, for the latest lyrics piece I had to choose Mt. Eden.

This song is so beautiful and delicately woven together.  There’s a sense of mystery, wondering, and journey that really captures my attention.  When I close my eyes, I feel like I’m standing at the edge of a huuuuuge cliff, and hundreds of feet below are crashing waves and the wind is so strong I can lean over the edge against it…  (Pretty much, I am Pocahontas, let’s be real.)

But, that’s what music does, it takes you to a place far away.


Mt. Eden, "At Night"

Mt. Eden, “At Night”




























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ART: Skrux – Infinite

I recently gushed over Skrux’s gorgeous melody, Infinite.  ( See: ) And, as we all know, when I get hooked on a song…I MUST MAKEH ART!!!!!!!! IT CALLETH TO ME!!!

I was trying to capture motion, heart feels, hope, surrender and eternity.  Thank you for moving me Skrux!

"The more we give..."

“The more we give…”

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Art – Jack Garratt

I love ominous. I love dark undertones.  I love quiet rage.  When this song came on, from the very beginning with it’s hollow vocals and eerie echoes, I was hooked.   It’s gentle and almost soothing, but you can feel the growing pressure.. you know something’s coming.  It seems like a soft seething til it releases a smooth fury at 2:18.  SSSSOOOooooo  sexy!!!!!! (I think I may have made a sound similar to a porno at that point. EMBARRRAAsssiinnng!) It’s just SO GOOD though!  This song captures them molten heartbreak feels.  When a song captivates me like that…I MUST MAKE ART!!!!!

CURSES! I am a slaaaaave to good muuuuussiiiicc!!!!

Worry - Jack Garratt

Worry – Jack Garratt


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Art – Grimes

Latest lyrics piece since I’ve been on a huge Grimes kick lately.  I don’t understand how a human can get a voice so sweet and so high and unearthly.  One thing I LLLLOVE about Grimes is her ability to be sweet and at the same time kind of disturbing.  There’s this tainted innocence about her that I was trying to get with this piece… Damn I love twisted shit.

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Grimes, "Skin"

Grimes, “Skin”

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So, a little while back I posted about SAFIA. latest “Paranoia Ghosts & Other Sounds”. And that shit is blowin up! Yaaaayyyy!!! Such a good song deserves good recognition!  Anyways, I’m still completely addicted to it and had to make some art to it while playing it on repeat to the point where anyone else’s ears would bleed.  I like to think mine are evolved to withstand repetition. Thanks Darwin!

Refresher on this glorious song:


And this is what said glorious song birthed:



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For Crying Out Loud!!

I’ve decided that The 1975 is a good band to remix. Do you hear this producers?? REMIX THEY SHIT!!!!!

I had to do a lyrics piece to this one.  Hits close to home. And I’m a huuuuge fan of EMBRZ.. he makes such magical glorious mysterious enchanting music. Every single one of his songs I get addicted to and put on repeat “How Long Will I Love You” is still an ultimate fav of mine.  Listen to the beautyyyy!

Settle Down

Settle Down

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Open Up Your…

EYES. …Open up your EYES people.

Yet another lyrics piece by yours truly.  This is a particularly mesmerizing remix by CHIEFS which Epoch played during their fantastic set at Alive! which re-triggered my addiction to it.

Per the usual, I played this song on repeat for like 6 bazillion times while I attempted to create a babe as enticing as this song is to me. Hope you enjoy!

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