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Slum Love

Every now and then a song comes along that is SO gritty and SO grimy that it renders me catatonic on the floor with my face floating in a huge pool of my own drool.  I can’t get over it. Repeat for dayyyys son!!! This jam has such a beautiful flow to it, the mellow echoey beginning drifting into the hardest filth I’ve heard in a long ass time.  No build, no nothing. Talent, folks.

Thank you, Zeds Dead, for droppin this into your latest mix and gracing my ears.


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I think that’s the sound I made after listening to this glorious mini mixtape by Trolley Snatcha. We know I love Trolley man, so I was pretty stoked to see this shit pop up in my SD stream.  Perfect timing too because today is a rare gray day in sunny LA and I was feelin’ all “boohoo, I think I have to wear long sleeves today”. But then I listened to this mix and jammed out in my room til I was pretty sure the temperature reached “bikini-worthy”. Primal snarl at 14.43 has my stamp of approval. +10

My one complaint: It’s too short. (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!)

It hits hard and grimy and sweaty. I wanna see you get inappropriate.


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If this song were an animal it would definitely be a dragon charging forth into battle and you’d definitely be riding it.  Also, yes, a dragon counts as an animal.

I can thank Stephan Jacobs for this find right here since he included it in his recent mix that I posted.  This song just popped right out and punched me in the face.  Appropriately named Battle Royale it has a very epic feel to it with dark undertones but allows you to get down to it too!  Difficult combination to achieve if you ask me but maybe it was easy for him since he studied electroacoustics for two years (seriously? that’s a thing??) However, it’s done him well!  Started off as a sound designer at Sonart then began producing music in 2005.

Hold onto your face!


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