I see the light. And it’s coming from this new SPL track, The Vision. It’s gritty, with powerful bass and detrimental filter sweeps that ravage your face. What excites me most about this track, besides the awesome robot voice is that it contains vibe of his Balearic Bass album which is my favorite to date. If more tracks like this, or dare I say an album are to come I will be beyond stoked.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.34.09 PM

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Lightning in a Bottle 2015

Lightning in a bottle is hands down my favorite festival, so I absolutely CAN NOT wait to go again this coming Memorial Day weekend May 21st-25th, 2015. Check out our post from last year to catch the artist playlist with AudioMolly favorites Gramatik, Amon Tobin, Polish Ambassador, What So Not, Kraddy, Jumpsuit Records, Sweater Beats, Desert Dwellers, Slow Magic, tons of other Do Lab exquisite picks and the broad variety headliners; Moby, Phantogram, Baaur, Little Dragon and Beats Antique just to name a few. I’m beyond excited to find out what they have planned for this year’s lineup, stay tuned and check out www.lightninginabottle.org for tickets, info and location.


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New Purity Ring!

More of that delicious deep rumbling timpani bass from Purity Ring. They didn’t forget the trap vibe, hooray! Slightly less haunting lyrics than usual, but solid on beautiful vocals, nonetheless. I like the harmonies at 2:00 and I’m really hoping for a full album soon.

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