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I love it when a Drum & Bass track is so bad ass that it’s not afraid to be beautiful. This one, Intersection from Technamatic samples Etta James’ At Last. They took out the strings, my favorite part of the original, but make up for it with a killer bass line that makes me want to drive fast in the rain. Nice Pretty Lights reminiscent piano cords too. Just wish the track was longer, good thing that this whole ep is awesome.


Lucent Dossier Experience: Interview

Founder/leader, Dream Rockwell and producer/live percussionist, Frankie Metaphase of Lucent Dossier Experience so generously took the time to answer a few questions for AudioMolly before their last two US tour dates this weekend.

Are there additional elements you’d like to add to Lucent?

We are excited to stay still for a moment, so all the dreams we have can be born into reality. We would like to have our own room again, our own space to create inside of.

Musically speaking, we’re always bringing in special elements for different shows. One thing constant is Atla on Guitar and myself on Drums. We tend to bring in guest musicians that inspire us, and we would like to do more of that. More Strings, Brass and Tabla would be nice.

We would like to deepen our connection with the audience. We want to spiral us all together in a big cuddle puddle. Can we do that?

That would be amazing, I’m in.
I find some of the subject matter in your songs profoundly moving and cathartic. I view it as what I like to call conscious content; is there any particular message, objective, inspiration?

To me, it’s a feeling of celebration, of our ancient existence in this universe and the realization that we are all one, amidst the chaos and mystery of life. I love connecting people through rhythm, and heavy bass. It has a primal feel to it even though it’s very futuristic sounding. With bass music I feel like you can really loose yourself in the chaos, and realize life is one big celebration.

The message for us is always coming from the same place… What if we are all much bigger and more glorious then we have been acting, then we have been allowed or allowed ourselves to be? We are all addicted to pain and drama in different ways; it’s part of our culture isn’t it. What if we decided to be addicted to Love and gratitude? Pleasure and joy? Understanding and compassion? What would our earth experience be like then? Let’s try that!

Agreed. Yes, that sounds like a great plan!
What are three emotions that you wish for your audience to walk away feeling after a show? 

Love, Joy, Radical Acceptance.

Oneness, Abundance, Joy.

Who composes your music? A few core members, or is it way more complicated?

The current music has been created by Atla Gadret, Frankie Metaphase and myself. We also have collaborations with David Block, Stephan Jacobs, Kraddy, Imagika Om, Nikita Sorokin, Maggie Lally [& Sygnal.] On this tour Sarah Llewellyn did a lot of the singing with Linda Borini and Shawn Barry. My mom also joined us on back up vocals for our LIB show. That was special.

Who has side projects going on? Fill us in, so we can check it out!

I recently launched 2 new projects. Frank Royal, a solo Trap / Bass music project with a recent debut release on Play Me Records; and Bottle Service, a house music project with Stephan Jacobs and Henry Strange. I have a duo with Sygnal called Trowa and I’ve produced Drum ’n Bass and Dubstep as Metaphase since 2004.

Atla and I are talking about doing a little side project called Love Is A Wild Thing. It’s still pretty conceptual at this point because every time we create something for it, ends up in Lucent! My real and true side project is Cuddle the World.

Well this interview has certainly left me feeling abundant and joyful. Thank you so much, Dream, Metaphase and to the entire Lucent team. Wishing you the very best on your travels, much love and gratitude to you all.

Lucent will be performing at the House of Blues, Las Vegas this Friday night, July 24th and Club Nokia, L.A. Live this Saturday Night, July 25 th Before they take off to Canada for the Shambhala Music Festival in Salmo, BC!



The Twerking Fox


This is a jam right here!!  The bouncy springy sound in this one would be sure to drive a crowd wild at a festival, I know I would absolutely lose my shit.  This would be a perfect song at the Do Lab stage at Coachella getting sprayed down by a hose and stomping in mud up to your thighs.  It requires getting low with a high potential for twerking.

(Don’t hate. Twerking is an art.)


Heard this track from the latest Deadmau5 album, while(1<2) at a restaurant last night. Not surprised that I love it of course, being a long time fan, but this one’s different. It’s sporting a funky disco bass line, claps, talk box and sparkling beeps, but not lacking the signature Deadmau5 crunchy distorted fx and wobbles. I love the lyrics and sexy vox. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into the entire album.

Unio Mystica - A. Andrew Gonzalez

Unio Mystica – A. Andrew Gonzalez

Don’t wake me up, I’m winning wars inside my head
And maybe I’m weak but not beneath the covers of this bed
Asleep, I’m undefeated in this world of mine
So let me stay inside this dream and keep me from the light

I’ve built this place behind my eyes you’ll never see
And you can move my body but please keep my mind asleep
Beyond the galaxies where there’s no space or time
I will transform, I am reborn to rule over the skies

I, I feel it in my bones
Escape, the world I know
It’s all in my control
I, I just wanna stay this way
Blood pumping in my veins
I feel it, I feel it

Behind the darkness there’s a sea of neon light
And maybe you think I’m sinking, but you just can’t get inside
Don’t try to save me when my mind is finally free
Cause I’d rather run my own world than face your reality

It’s not enough for me to paint with black and white
Inside my head there are shades of red unknown to waking life
You think you’ve traveled far? You’ve never seen the stars
Cause the only the way is if I say you can follow me that far

Smiling Satyr

The first time I saw Cualli at Envision in Costa Rica, I had no idea who he was.  I was just at this stage at some point in the day, not really knowing where’d I’d been or where I was going (as most common with most festivals) and the most uplifting mystical music started soaring over the crowd.  Aside from Buffalo Child, I hadn’t seen the crowd go this nuts before at this particular festival.  Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces and pure joy just crackling through the air.  Even though I was severely exhausted and felt like I could barely keep my eyes open, I couldn’t stop dancing! His music just pours glowing energy into your veins.

I love the flute in this one, makes me feel like we should be dancing barefoot by a fire under a full moon with a crazy satyr just rockin it!  The positive vibes of this song are contagious and powerful that are well crafted to build and flourish til the very end.

Give us a smile!


Check out Envision festival!

Get on the Tractor

This right here is a hidden gem in the world of electronic.  Now that every genre is being blended with another genre, it’s getting harder to find unique sounds; however this is pushing producers to get weirder and more creative.  Psychedelic Tractor seems like a direct product of this budding challenge in the world of creative music and they actually DO sound different.   They’ve created a new genre aptly titled “folktronica” which tickles me because a lot of producers are moving towards super future bass and future this, future that, future your mom and so on, which is all great, I love it! But sometimes you can’t follow the popular path to get noticed.

The bass line is SO catchy, with a chill smooth bump of jazz.  I love the prominence of guitars and the lyrics are just wacky and catching to contrast the folksy feel. (Since I’m a lyrics whore, I especially love some quality lines) And that vocal warbly effect is juuusssst unique enough raise your eyebrow and hook your ear.  This sweet trippy shit will abbbbsolutely get stuck in your head. (Heavenly angels at 3:01?? AGH!! Love it!)

The production quality is clearly refined and established, so I am curious to find out more about Psychedelic Tractor.  There’s definitely more to be revealed here, and with their recent increase in posts I’d say you should be sure to follow.  This won’t be the last you hear of them from me.

Get on the tractor if you want to live.

Art – Jack Garratt

I love ominous. I love dark undertones.  I love quiet rage.  When this song came on, from the very beginning with it’s hollow vocals and eerie echoes, I was hooked.   It’s gentle and almost soothing, but you can feel the growing pressure.. you know something’s coming.  It seems like a soft seething til it releases a smooth fury at 2:18.  SSSSOOOooooo  sexy!!!!!! (I think I may have made a sound similar to a porno at that point. EMBARRRAAsssiinnng!) It’s just SO GOOD though!  This song captures them molten heartbreak feels.  When a song captivates me like that…I MUST MAKE ART!!!!!

CURSES! I am a slaaaaave to good muuuuussiiiicc!!!!

Worry - Jack Garratt

Worry – Jack Garratt


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Moon and Starfire

After a beautiful night in the desert, getting my trance dance on and howling at the full moon, I’m spending a relaxing Sunday listening to David Starfire’s new album Awakening. It has all the sitar, funky world and hand drum beats that I was hoping for, like in his collaborations with Dub Kirtan Allstars, but this album is definitely a fresh start. Uplifting, intense and climatic with glitch hop and psydub influences, it’s perfect for the current Zeitgeist. I’m also excited to see his set at the next A~Bun~Dance in August.


Game Changer

I have heard people rave about Lucent Dossier for years and I finally got the chance to see them at Lightening in a bottle in May and let me tell you, I get it. I also get why they call it an experience, that really is the best way to describe it.  It’s beyond a traditional circus  performance, though the acrobatic, aerial and fire art skills rival that of Cirque De Solie, their powerful electronic music foundation puts them in a league of their own. Awakening would be my favorite if I had to choose, but it’s a total package and you must see the whole show to get the full effect in all it’s splendor.
If you haven’t had a chance to catch them, take note of their newly added Summer tour dates; They will be performing in Las Vegas at the House of Blues on Friday July  25th and Saturday July 26th at Club Nokia.


LucentDossierExperience-ZetterstromLucent Dossier Experience - White Flame


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