Gangsta Love

You cannot deny the appeal of smooth thug love and this song is fully embracing it.

I was completely hooked in the first 5 seconds, with the provocative lyrics and soft reverb on the vocals punctuated by simple snaps.  This sensual rhythmic intro sways into steady drum beat (and possibly wooden percussion?), keeping that sizzling vibe but adding depth.  I mean, this shit will get you sweatin.. not like, a complete gloss coat of sweat, but that one drop that kinda snakes down from your temple and slowly drips along the side of your neck all the way past the clavicle… shit’s real.  After the sexy beat tapers off to cool you down with some gentle soothing keyboard notes, you realize… this song is gangsta.


And you might be pregnant. (Go figure that only took about 2 minutes…)


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Saxy Tiiiiiime

Let’s get our tropical groove on!  But also, let’s be sorta sad while we get our tropical groove on.

That’s how this song makes me feel.  I think mixing a cheerful melody with sad lyrics or vice versa is pretty much the best and always will be.  We’ve got some feel-good tropical beats goin on here, with some delightful sax spinnin through it. THEN you layer on these heart breaking lyrics and vocals just oozing with hopelessness. I mean come ON… that filter at 3:31? I think my heart just melted out of my eyes.  So naturally you start sobbing, then the sax comes back and reminds you that life is just life and you know what, you’re gonna be just fine.

Another thing I really respect about this remix is how crazy different it is from the original.  The original is gorgeous, heavy and entirely somber.  How the hell did Thero hear this and go– “OO MAI GAWD! Do you know what would be sick with this?! A TROPICAL BEAT AND SAXOPHONE LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I still don’t know how he pulled it off, but he nailed it.


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Are you a DJ?

Aspiring Producers & DJs – The Do LaB has Opening Slots For You
The Do LaB is running a series of contests over the next couple months to fill opening slots for shows ranging from Hip-Hop to Bass to House music. This is a great opportunity to get in front of the audience of one of the hottest, most well respected promoters in Southern California.

Submit your best DJ mix for the show of your choosing and keep an eye on The Do LaB’s Facebook to find out who wins. The 1st and 2nd contests (Worthy of DirtyBird and Blockhead) are already open!



Fans can vote for their favorite mix, and the winner will be chosen by The Do LaB from the top 5 entries. Encourage your friends and fans to vote!

The winner will receive a 30-60 minute set depending on the existing show schedule. The winner must provide their own transportation to and from the venue as well as any equipment they would need to perform. Must be 18+ to enter. Venue is 21+ so winners under 21 will only be allowed in during their performance.

Good luck!

Check out details on each of the shows and contests below:

Worthy at King King in LA on 9/6
Announce/Open Contest: Currently Open!
Submission Ends: 8/29
Voting Ends: 9/1
Winner announced: 9/3
Contest Link:
Ticket Link

Blockhead, Elaquent, Yppah at King King in LA on 9/12
Announce/Open Contest: 8/11
Submission Ends: 9/4
Voting Ends: 9/5
Winner announced: 9/8
Contest Link:
Ticket Link

Nit Grit and Wick-it the Instigator at King King in LA on 9/18
Announce/Open Contest: 8/18
Submission Ends: 9/11
Voting Ends: 9/13
Winner announced: 9/15
Contest Link:
Ticket Link

Phaeleh at The Attic in LA on 10/4
Announce/Open Contest: 8/20
Submission Ends: 9/25
Voting Ends: 9/27
Winner announced: 9/29
Contest Link:
Ticket Link

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disco inferno

Nothing makes car Tetris with camping gear glide more smoothly than a little deep house. I’m prepping for Burning Man to Mark Farina’s Country Club Disco podcast. Just found out that he’s going to be headlining at Zero Point Festival next month with Andreilien, AnTenNae, and Desert Dwellers. I might have to catch that, ’tis the season for music in the desert.


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ART: Skrux – Infinite

I recently gushed over Skrux’s gorgeous melody, Infinite.  ( See: ) And, as we all know, when I get hooked on a song…I MUST MAKEH ART!!!!!!!! IT CALLETH TO ME!!!

I was trying to capture motion, heart feels, hope, surrender and eternity.  Thank you for moving me Skrux!

"The more we give..."

“The more we give…”

See close up details at:

Pls love and like if you do! <3

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