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disco inferno

Nothing makes car Tetris with camping gear glide more smoothly than a little deep house. I’m prepping for Burning Man to Mark Farina’s Country Club Disco podcast. Just found out that he’s going to be headlining at Zero Point Festival next month with Andreilien, AnTenNae, and Desert Dwellers. I might have to catch that, ’tis the season for music in the desert.


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Wishing you smiles for your Coachella comedown.

I’m so happy to find this song taking the world by storm Changes from Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau. It’s #1 on the charts in Belgium, Germany and Poland and #2 in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK dance charts. Come on, ‘Merica, let’s get on board. The children’s choir reminds me of Justice- D.A.N.C.E. which I loved.  So uplifting, you can’t help but get down with some Alto Sax, right? This practically proves that your face can indeed be melted off by an Alto Sax solo too. Just try it.

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90s Trap?!

Well aint DIS some shit?! Amazing shit!  Firstly, I love 90s music and I don’t care what anyone else says. Secondly, I love good remixes.

This is a glorious combo of both!! I’m really diggin that snake charmer sound thrown in there with an appropriate use of high hats. (Sometimes [mostofthetime] trap producers abuse the high hats and that crap just offends the senses. SUBTLETY my friends!!!) I also think it’s cool that they purposely included more than the chorus for lyrics, like many remixes tend to do.  It does the original more justice if you ask me.

On top of that, getting the free download bring’s your to Walu’s page which is a charity for improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions in Papua New Guinea’s coastal communities. HOLLA!!!

Golfer’s clap! Support and show love to some sweet beats!


Support Walu International:

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swiss BANK on it

Move your money, babies… or your money makers at least, and do it to this deep, slinky house from Cédric Zeyenne out of Zurich, Switzerland. It’s got all the classic house goodies hollow echoing, snap/claps, driving beat with added bluesy  electric guitar  and deep modulated wookie voice. So take THAT all you chipmunk voices out there, take THAT!

and P.S. the video was just shot here in LA:

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