Sweetly Addicted

Ohhhhh glorious melodic bass how I adore thee! Oh sweet haunting female vocals, how I ALSO adore thee!!!  This fresh new jam right here has that beautiful combo of both.  Nyxx has an angelic voice with an Ellie Goulding quality, the way it drifts over the deep bassline; while the general style of the song has a hint of Seven Lions’ magical sounds.   The lyrics are super catchy and this girl’s got a powerhouse set of pipes to boot!

Originating from Boston MA, Nyxx is launching her career in LA  just two years ago.  Keep an eye out for her EP, dropping in December, because we definitely will!


Follow her on instagram @nyxxmusik

Facebook: www.facebook.com/nyxxmusik



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Snatch This

“They don’t make dubstep like they used to.” I mean, doesn’t everyone hear that every other day or so? …Or maybe it’s just me who’s sayin that every other day or so….. But let’s be real, quite often, dubstep really isn’t what it used to be! It’s had it’s 15 minutes of fame, (yet forever altering the electronic music world as we know it).  HOWEVER, it’s not going quietly into the night as there are still pllllenty of dubstep artists with massive skillz!  It’s just harder to find them amongst the gigantic sea of new producers creating the “hardest” sounds possible but forgetting the art of creation and the power of an appropriate drop that is more than the sound of a washing machine on steroids.

Trolley Snatcha (Zack the Lad) is so ridiculously skilled in creating his own unique concoction of sounds and maintaining that classical grimy dub quality that we all got addicted to in the beginning.  This song is PERFECT for Friday to amp you up for the weekend!! I love the raggaeton style rising into the sickest wobbles and rich growling drops that have a character all their own.  Trolley knows how to switch up his heavy sounds and create a variety of gritty bass, keeping you entertained from start to finish. This. Is dubstep mastery.

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Runnin’ Circles

Mat Zo got me runnin’ circles for this jam right here!  Seriously, the journey and layers in this song is just ridickillus!!  Leading with a simple lil high hat and drifting into a slow build he teases the shit outta you with drumz on drumz on drumz til he finally gifts you that snarling growling gritty bass that you are practically crying for at this point.  I know I was! (Seriously I think I was gripping my laptop with white knuckles and drooling on the mouse pad) And he hits you with that shit hard and fast just like you want it–BUT! I say BUT! He knows when to stop… to take it away dat throbbing bass and create a space to mellow you out with some heartfelt lyrics echoing into glitchy effects and runnin tha bass through your sexy earholes again.  For me, what sealed the deal and lit my cigarette were those sax-y synth sounds EXPLODING in at 3:20 for the grand finale.  I practically threw up.

Like always, Mat Zo is continuously experimenting with new sounds and genre-bending from one song to the next, and I am quite thrilled with his recent venture into heavy dubby bass!


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Balearic Bass

SPL’s ability to blend the nastiest beats and most tragic drops with beautiful, tranquil melodies is untouched by anyone else. Puerto Rico, Hypnotizing and Don’t U Leave Me are my very favorite tracks, in that order. These sounds do something indescribable to my brain. He is definitely one of my top five favorite producers. I started listening last year and had one of the most fun nights of my life at his King King show in December. I participated in an epic Sunday morning sunrise dance session to the Balearic Bass album just a couple weeks ago and I can’t wait to do it again at his set this Friday night at 333 Live with Stickybuds, J*Labs and Orphic.

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