It’s Only Machinedrum

If I could pick one word to describe this song it would velvet.

It seems DJ Shadow requested this remix from Machinedrum, and now I feel I owe him my firstborn. This remix actually does the original major justice! I’m addicted to the dramatic intro leading into a tension perfectly created by the drums and soft sirens mingling together.  Machinedrum creates a hypnotic dark beat to mate with those foreboding lyrics we all know and love. Thus, an eerie velvety remix was born!! I think we need to start breeding excellent producers with more songs like that.  There are too many remixes out there that make me want to cry for the future of electronic music, while eating an entire pan of homemade brownies.

Let’s focus on the good, shall we?

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Can’t Stand Still

I’ve been a fan of Unlimited Gravity for a while now, but I have to admit I kinda let it drop off the map when I started swimming through the massive sea of electronic music recently.  I’m glad he popped back up on my radar with this jam right here!  This song kinda has a Phutureprimitive feel to it with a sprinkle of dnb… just a sprinkle, because I can’t handle more than that.  Unlimited Gravity does a great job of mixing vocals with the bass and it only gets better as the song goes on, at 5:16 I was quite pleasantly surprised with the variation of sounds that popped on in there!

But, he’s from Denver so… obviously he’s good.

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