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Myth or Truth

My favorite thing about music is it’s ability to evoke emotion and take you away.  There are songs that just make you smile laugh and bounce up and down, songs that force you to get down, dirty, and tribal, and songs that completely take you away.

This song, is one of those songs that is so powerful to me that I pretty much hallucinate when I hear it. That’s a reason I don’t listen to it if I’m driving a car… The haunting vocals, amazing builds and perfect pauses.. I can’t get enough.  To get the full effect of a song like this, you need to make a sensual date for yourself (and yes I’d do this. NO SHAME!) and turn on some ambient lighting in your room, put that lil sub woofer up as much as your neighbors will allow, rock those speakers, lay on the floor close your eyes and let that shit just float you away.  Trust me, if you do it to this song your mind will take you away to incredible places.

[For funskies, I added another song that completely takes me away, but in a more subtle floaty drifty way. TPA remix of Bon Iver’s “Perth” So, make sure to do the bedroom floor date thing with that too 😉 O FEELS!! THE FEEEELS!!!!!!]


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