I love Foreplay.

So Kill Paris just dropped his Foreplay EP today. I ran out to my balcony and screamed at someone walking by “FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSsssss!!!!!!!” ..I didn’t really do this but I wanted to.

I’ve loved Kill Paris for a while now. First time was at the King King for my birthday last year in May and he blew my damn face off. Also, my friends hassled that guy so badly til he finally (and begrudgingly) wished me a happy birthday. (THANK YOU BTW AND I AM SORRY FOR LOVING YOU SO!!!!)

I was super stoked to see him at Coachella the first weekend and I definitely didn’t give a shit about any other headliner.  Again, he did not disappoint. The energy at the Do Lab was absolutely ridiculous, the wind was blowing like crazy and everyone was just losing their minds. That guy just knows how to command a crowd! Yes it was pure heaven and the BEST way to end the weekend.

The entire EP is funky and fun. Very distinctive Kill Paris sounds and energy that will not disappoint.  My fav is the Silence of Heartbreak.  He is sooo good at those feels but in an upbeat way… how does he do it?!

“Silence Of Hearbreak Feat. Marty Ro

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