Breathtakingly Breathless

I always take my hat off for a good remix.. I think it might seeeeeem like it should be easier to create, because you already have a foundation to work from, but in some ways it’s gotta be way harder because how do you break free from what’s already laid down and keep the parts that work?

So, I tip my hat to Regulator’s remix of Candyland’s, “Breathless”.  They added just enough bass and switched up the whole vibe of the song!  Candyland’s original is much more house-y and sweet, with a tropical island feel, which I’m cool with but I’m really feelin’ Regulator’s take on it.  The vocal warp, bassline and some tasteful high hats and claps, all work so well together .  The build and drop is heavier and has a sexy bite to it.  Definitely, breath-taking.

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