Life Aquatic

I’m a sucker for brilliant sound design, so Tipper gets me with every track. This one, Gulch is dripping wet with aquatic melodies, his signature sub bass that merges visceral sound fx with your nervous system. There’s no escaping, don’t even try.
I’ve been dying to catch Tipper live for years and get this, my favorite sound scientist will be headlining my favorite holiday, Halloween night at Club Nokia. Tipper featuring Quixotic, Russ Liquid, Gladkill, Sugarpill, ChrisB., Goldrush, jOBOT, Jupit3r, Morillo, Jonathan Singer and Jigglesworth it’s going to be tight, can’t miss this!

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Game Changer

I have heard people rave about Lucent Dossier for years and I finally got the chance to see them at Lightening in a bottle in May and let me tell you, I get it. I also get why they call it an experience, that really is the best way to describe it.  It’s beyond a traditional circus  performance, though the acrobatic, aerial and fire art skills rival that of Cirque De Solie, their powerful electronic music foundation puts them in a league of their own. Awakening would be my favorite if I had to choose, but it’s a total package and you must see the whole show to get the full effect in all it’s splendor.
If you haven’t had a chance to catch them, take note of their newly added Summer tour dates; They will be performing in Las Vegas at the House of Blues on Friday July  25th and Saturday July 26th at Club Nokia.


LucentDossierExperience-ZetterstromLucent Dossier Experience - White Flame


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