Don’t Interrupt This

Can we continue this blogging relationship, of you reading my drabble and me writing it, if I told you that I liked Kanye West’s music?  If the answer is no, then JAYKAY!!!!!! But if the answer is yes, pls keep reading.

See, it’s a remix so that makes it ok. And Milo & Otis took the catchiest and best parts of the original so you can pretend you don’t know the source! (I can find a loophole in ANYTHING I tell you.)

To be honest, it’s not too far off from the original but I’m definitely enjoying the trap and grime additions!!

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Bound 2 Dance

This remix is straight out tha salon bitch!!  Epoch is gonna rock dance floors with this one!  Super dance-able beat and a crisp mixing of fresh sounds with just a  few lines from our beloved Kanye perfectly peppered in.  Ashamedly, I am a fan of Kanye but honestly, we really don’t need much of him interrupting Epoch’s masterpiece. I’m sure Taylor Swift would agree. Womp wommmp!

I first saw Epoch this past year at LA Decomp and was blown away.  Still in the youth of their career, their gritty grimy yet bouncy notes drew in a huge crowd of energy and movement!  You’ve gotta get following ’em, or they’ll leave without you!!



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