LOSTON. So hot right now. LOSTON.









Listen to the beauty, then hear the secrets behind the sweetness….

So, where did the name Loston come from?
It was a secret song on a Glassjaw album from 2000 that I always liked. It was actually called Losten but i switched it out to get the sound cloud page. Very boring story.
Why and how did you get into producing music?
I played in bands a lot growing up and had been djing for a few years but not really writing at all. I wanted to get back into writing and I guess the ease of making music digitally appealed to me. Its a very personal exercise, and I really do not sleep much or well so it gave me a productive outlet to make me feel like less of a crackhead.
I started writing and learning the programs in July last year. I never had any real intention of releasing anything, it was more of just a personal project , but after some friends heard it I decided to put up a sound cloud.
Can you give us some insight into your creative process?
It starts with some basic inspiration and moves in to total doubt, quickly transforming into self loathing for about 3 weeks then I scrap the whole idea and put the song together in about an hour. Im a graphic designer, it is exactly the same process, persistence is the key, you need to wade through a whole lot of shit to get to something good.
Did you expect Retrograde to become such a hit so quickly? Tell us about it.
Not at all. I actually thought it was funny when I first started making it, that was the first thing I ever worked on so it was hard to tell when it was actually finished. It still ends super abruptly but i think I will probably extend it slightly for live sets. I have a whole second verse that is really cool but i just never finished it. As I said before, I legitimately had no intention on releasing it, so the final version on soundcloud is literally what was floating around in my car when my friends heard it.
What’s your favorite way of manipulating and processing vocals?
I have played with chopping them into a sampler and pitching them like that, but generally i prefer to work in waveforms rather than midi, so I usually just chop, pitch and reverse shit. Everything starts with a vocal for me, so ill make a loop or a number of loops and structure it that way. I am not heavily into dance music so its more natural for me to put a beat to a melody rather than the other way around.
  -What would you say is your “go to” synth for making those big leads?
Haha fuck I really don’t know. The retrograde synth was actually a section of the original pitched real high with 3 other synths behind it. Im pretty sure if some people saw my workflow they would laugh. I just revise and add things until I get the sound I like. I have no real idea about synths, I just scroll through and manipulate things until I get the sound that I want.
Who are your influences in the EDM scene right now?
I have very little interest in EDM. I listen to a lot of melancholy shit like james blake, xxyyxx, jai paul etc, and a lot of rap and rap production stuff, i feel like a lot of rap production is really forward thinking in comparison to EDM.
What is the most personal thing you can reveal about producing music or what music means to you?
Ummm, its not really that personal, I am always working on 5 or 6 projects at a time but when I really get into something it takes a long time for me to be happy with it. The sampha remix has over 15 completely different songs, like completely different songs based on that one vocal hook. I was sort of happy with most of them but knew they weren’t great, then late one night i wrote the hook and knew that that was the one. I think you need to be that self critical, people sub conscisouly appreciate that. Maybe.
What are your goals in the coming year?
I have a bunch of originals I am working on and a few tracks for some rappers. I am going to release a rework of  a Banks song in the next couple of weeks then start dropping some originals and a few other loop based reworks I have not yet put out.  I’ll be playing shows as of April and probably traveling around a bit.
Thank you so much!  We look forward to hearing more of your amazing creations and seeing you at a show!
Be sure to stalk Loston in everything he does.
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