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I see the light. And it’s coming from this new SPL track, The Vision. It’s gritty, with powerful bass and detrimental filter sweeps that ravage your face. What excites me most about this track; besides the awesome robot voice, is that it contains the vibe of his Balearic Bass album which is my favorite to date. If more tracks like this, or dare I say an album are to come I will be beyond stoked.

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SPL Interview

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with SPL in the studio during production of his Son of Kick remix: Hours, featuring Paigey Cakey and Lady LeShurr. We dicuss the launching of his career in Europe, the Smog City winter tour and his long awaited return to Drum & Bass. Check it out and grab the new track on Beatport!

SPL & Summer



Huge thank you to Collin Johnson of Maven Artist
AudioMolly production & crew Yonis Ramati, Matthew Wachter & Darin Leach
Natalia Iswara of The Galactic Featheration & Mike Russek of 1028 Designs
Specto Entertainment & Adam Jaffe Productions

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