Hey, so remember when David Starfire took off to Northern Thailand to work with Burmese refugees last year? Well he’s back and he has collaborated with many Burmese artists to create an entire new album full of unique sounds. The wet and squishy sounds on Osi are interesting and dynamic. The One features a reading from Alex Grey and the up beat tempo of Taphon has been helping me get shiz done all week. With glitched violins, delayed xylophone, gamelan, homemade harps, buffalo horn flutes and Burmese vocals, every track sounds like a journey around the world.

Karuna is also a benefit album and all profits go to Thai Freedom House, a non-profit that provides free education to Burmese refugees.

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just popped

The Lucent Dossier Experience just popped my Kundalini with their deep electrocuting bass surges… or maybe it was the sick Bouzouki riff in Shaman’s Dance… it also could have been the automated phone system processing sound around 0:05 in Kundalini that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to hear in a song. I love their use of electronic pipe organ and epicness, per the usual. I’ll be listening all weekend and I can’t wait to see it live!

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