disco inferno

Nothing makes car Tetris with camping gear glide more smoothly than a little deep house. I’m prepping for Burning Man to Mark Farina’s Country Club Disco podcast. Just found out that he’s going to be headlining at Zero Point Festival next month with Andreilien, AnTenNae, and Desert Dwellers. I might have to catch that, ’tis the season for music in the desert. www.ourzeropoint.com


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Wishing you smiles for your Coachella comedown.

I’m so happy to find this song taking the world by storm Changes from Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau. It’s #1 on the charts in Belgium, Germany and Poland and #2 in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK dance charts. Come on, ‘Merica, let’s get on board. The children’s choir reminds me of Justice- D.A.N.C.E. which I loved.  So uplifting, you can’t help but get down with some Alto Sax, right? This practically proves that your face can indeed be melted off by an Alto Sax solo too. Just try it.

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