far away from hoooarm

Yaaaaaay! Feed me and Kill The Noise together again, it’s as joyous as when you find your friends at Burning Man. I guess Justice nailed it back in ’07 with D.A.N.C.E., this track is reminiscent. Who doesn’t love little English children singing? Especially with an uplifting connotation versus the original inspiration from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It’s officially a thing now, I’m expecting an automated English children’s choir plug-in soon. According to a post on the Kill The Noise Facebook page, they finished writing the song enrought to the school where it was recorded. Seems like all the best ones are done on the fly… Plus the melody is very similar to Deadmau5′ The Veldt, another one of my favorites. I haven’t been this happy since Thumbs Up for Rock’n’Roll.

feed me then kill the noise wouljaLREADY?!

aaand I just couldn’t resist:

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Wishing you smiles for your Coachella comedown.

I’m so happy to find this song taking the world by storm Changes from Faul & Wad Ad & Pnau. It’s #1 on the charts in Belgium, Germany and Poland and #2 in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Scotland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK dance charts. Come on, ‘Merica, let’s get on board. The children’s choir reminds me of Justice- D.A.N.C.E. which I loved.  So uplifting, you can’t help but get down with some Alto Sax, right? This practically proves that your face can indeed be melted off by an Alto Sax solo too. Just try it.

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