Swedish House Mafia + Epoch Rises= so good I forgot how to add

Start the week off with some fist pumps, this new Greyhound remix from Epoch Rises is charged with enough energy to last you until Friday.  The deflating accordion/unmuffled harzoo (harmonica-kazoo yeah, they exist) sound at .43 is perfectly juxtaposed by the low bass and honking buzzes following. You’ll definitely want to race after they kick it up at 2.04, then grind down at 3.00.

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Hot Damn

I am raving about this track… stark raving mad at the rave about this track! DotEXE is terminating everyone/thing in the vicinity with bobcat screams and  crunky growling bass. The slow, hazy siren in a lower register is perfectly off set by scratching and crunked out punji. (.57) Plus glitchy, static laced robot voice, come on, you know you’re in big trouble.

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