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Errybody loves Beyonce.  Not errybody loves remixes, BUT, this one’s a surprising doozy!  This song gets you going with some lovely piano keys and a teasing subtle thump.  I was vibin’ to it, and THEN! ALLUVASUDDEN! It drops at 1:27 with a mega switcharoo: plucky hollow pops transitioning to some gnarly grittyness at 1:45 and I was jjjaaammmin’!!!!  Such surprise! So glorious!!  And I am obsessed with the echoey vocals trailing to the finish.  Beautiful.


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INTERVIEW: Stephan Jacobs

So I finally got my greedy little paws on Stephan Jacobs, just in time for the release of his glorious remix of Gold Skies!  I must say, this is one of my all time favs of his. I first became of a fan of Stephan when a lot of his music was melodic bass and echoey voices, but since then he’s dabbled everywhere into house, trap, club bangers, and hybrids of everything in between.  This latest remix is just simply gorgeous… from the beautiful intro with haunting vocals, smooth riser and build to a shimmery explosion of emotion.  NAILED IT!!!!!!  When I first heard it in his studio pre-release, I thought my heart stopped.   This gloriousness premiered on The Untz a few days ago so check it out!

BUT! Who gets to barge into his studio and harass him for answers?!!?! IIIII DDDOOOOO!!!! So be sure to check that out and hear his thoughts on his latest and get a little insight on Bottle Service.  I did get to hear a little secret from him which is not included..but don’t you worry, you’ll find out soon enough. I’ll let you ponder about that… 😉



Rooftop of Stephan's studio

Rooftop of Stephan’s studio

Getting all up in his bubble!

Getting all up in his bubble!

The Untz:

Stephan Jacobs:
twitter/instagram: @Stephan_Jacobs

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Spect this

Fractal has a Seven Lions vibe going on now, which couldn’t make me happier. I love the variety in their layering and the way their higher register sounds offset their hard hitting bass and beats. Some of their more chill tracks are out of this world. They’re doing a set at King King this friday night with Bridge Theory and Crywolf. Ooohoho remember that awesome The Kinfe You Make Me Like Charity Crywolf remix? {droooool} Sounds like it’s going to be a crowd pleasing kind of night. I’m really hoping to hear Bloody Mary from Bridge Theory because I can not get enough of these bright beeping raindrops! How have they slipped under my radar for so long?


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Wait for it…

At last, new track from Crywolf! Stay; this lovely beat makes you want to, especially right at 3.38. The beginning  is reminiscent of Where Do I Begin by The Chemical Brothers and the end breaks it down with that intense strobing that Crywolf does so well. This guy is packing some serious talent as a musician, vocalist and producer. Ep on the way, keep those ears perked.

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