Bingle Jingle

I love electro funktasticalness. This makes me dance like that weirdo who snaps their fingers and has a shit eating grin on their face. Also with wobbly legs. (However, I do dance like this OFTEN.)  That grimy swingy sound at .37 is super addicting. Also, a well time horse whinny is always welcome in my book!

Just get yo groove on and let this song make you dance like a weirdo. It’s so feel-good!!!!! I imagine tap dancing would be appropriate to this and I think I might start taking classes just to bust out some tappy moves to this bizness!


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Buffalo Rodeo!

I was at Envision Fest in Costa Rica, January 2013.  It was a rough ass trip let me tell you! Fire ants, random rain storm, trip to the hospital, and all around challenges!!! However, when I had dragged my weary ass to some random stage and I heard Buffalochild’s set… I had to dance.  One foot was swollen from stepping on rusted barbed wire and I hadn’t eaten more than one meal a day for 5 days yet… I freaking let loose and danced like a wild chimpanzee alongside the whole crowd.  The energy was absolutely astounding and uplifting.

After his set, my best friend and I pulled out our crumpled torn and disintegrating set list and desperately circled his name: Buffalochild.  My first introduction to Electroswing! Get ready to bump!!

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back up plan… to back up my back up plan.

Skii Tour & The Funk Hunters got together and decided that everyone needs a back up plan. This beat with reverb and slide wistle kind of buzz is retarded good, not to mention awesome lyrics and back up vox. Plus a little swing if that suits your fancy. If you don’t start moving when you hear this, call the paramedics, you may be dead inside.

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