Pachuco Rises

Welpst, Epoch has done it again!! Another masterful remix which is just as epic as their last one, the freakin’ Lion King!  I’m really diggin the unique choices on songs. Aint no remixes of Ellie Goulding, James Blake or Lana del Rey here!  Not that there’s anything wrong with them, but it seems to be the common “thing” to do as a producer. Epoch’s recent developments are quite refreshing and I have a feeling we can expect more vibrant selections in the future. (Maybe My Little Pony???)

This remix is completely on point, keeping in line with the funky upbeat tempo and then those rich gritty grimy sounds beautifully swirled in! GET SWINGIN’!!!!!


Epoch Rises’ remix of “Hey Pachuco” from The Mask by Royal Crown Revue

Free Download:

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Bingle Jingle

I love electro funktasticalness. This makes me dance like that weirdo who snaps their fingers and has a shit eating grin on their face. Also with wobbly legs. (However, I do dance like this OFTEN.)  That grimy swingy sound at .37 is super addicting. Also, a well time horse whinny is always welcome in my book!

Just get yo groove on and let this song make you dance like a weirdo. It’s so feel-good!!!!! I imagine tap dancing would be appropriate to this and I think I might start taking classes just to bust out some tappy moves to this bizness!


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