The Best Gift

Oh bebe… this is just right!  I’m on a gritty kick recently and this song hits the spot.  I was hesitant at first with the house-y intro but you gotta just wait for the drop because you NEVER KNOW RIGHT?!?!  I was glad I waited on this one because I am super digging the hard raunchiness, as it was very welcome after the techno-esque beginning.  Def think it’s a great build with a good switch up for sound.  2:15 to the second drop has a Daft Punk (Tron soundtrack) feel to me which I think is a nice touch.  One thing that could add to it would be to play with the second drop a little more, add in some fresh sounds, samples or effects.  Overall, it’s a real good song to jam out to and will absolutely get you hooked!  Excited to see what these guys come up with next!!


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I Want This.

So the other day I was chillin, listening to The Future Beats show by Complexion (super amazing way to discover fresh music!) and this jam popped on.  The clucky plucky water droplet cacophony  caught my ear immeeeediately.  This has to be one of the most unique songs I’ve heard in a llllonnnng time.  It might be too advanced for it’s own good honestly!  The colorful sound samples and pops, intensely dynamic vocal warps, dramatic drums and all-around dreamy sensual feels are mind bending.  (Eclectic would be an understatement!)  I have no doubt that there will be MANY copycats to this fresh sound when it catches popularity.  At the moment, Quelle has an underwhelming amount of followers, which is mind blowing itself for such talent, but I have a feeling we’re gonna see a song catch fire soon and then… then it’s all over.  Honestly, I think Quelle is a big mystery and would doubt that this was the first song produced… Hmmmm…… who is Quelle??!

Anyways, be the first to hear such magnificent originality!! Follow and support!




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Blues Baby

Awwww yyyeeeaaa!!  Some bad ass blues-y business goin on here.  I love the trippy effects at the intro that blossom into some groovy gravelly bass carried through the rest of the song.  It’s a perfect seasoning for sampling those blues lyrics.  There’s a slow motion, stoned kind of feel that just makes you close your eyes and smiiiiiile.

This beauty right here is a collaboration of Adam Deitch (drummer for Pretty Lights), Break Science, and Manic Focus.  You can definitely hear the signature sounds of each artist melding into a rather fine specimen for the electronic music world!  It’s only their first babe together and I’m already holding my breath for the next one!

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Freakout Chillout

Nothin like a chill song with positive vibes to git you through that rough hump day!  I’ve been on an Ambassadeurs kick since seeing him open for Odesza at the Fonda this past Saturday.  He was the PERFECT pairing with Odesza and really brought his A game.. def walked away with a bazillion new fans I’m surrrrre of it.

This jam definitely takes you on a lovely internal journey. At 7 minutes you’d think that might drag but the quiet build is transcending and hypnotizing.  I love the hollowed vocals and soothing background sounds with a soft hum of bass.  It’s a great song to mellow you without putting you in a sleeper hold!


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Breathtakingly Breathless

I always take my hat off for a good remix.. I think it might seeeeeem like it should be easier to create, because you already have a foundation to work from, but in some ways it’s gotta be way harder because how do you break free from what’s already laid down and keep the parts that work?

So, I tip my hat to Regulator’s remix of Candyland’s, “Breathless”.  They added just enough bass and switched up the whole vibe of the song!  Candyland’s original is much more house-y and sweet, with a tropical island feel, which I’m cool with but I’m really feelin’ Regulator’s take on it.  The vocal warp, bassline and some tasteful high hats and claps, all work so well together .  The build and drop is heavier and has a sexy bite to it.  Definitely, breath-taking.

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Get Krooked

DAMMIT DENVER!!!! Why are YOU the most popular ho?!?!! Denver is like the broodmare for producing superior quality producers. She is The MOTHER PRODUCER if you will.  She popped out Krooked Drivers a couple years ago and now they are in their “terrible two’s” phase.  And when I say terrible, we all know I mean like super duper awesome.  The duo is constantly pushing variation from song to song and working their ASSES off to avoid all genre types, I swear! You never know what they’re gonna bust out next.

This jam right here is killin’ it with dat synth, uplifting beat and chipmunk voice (I will forever adore the chipmunk voice. Don’t hate.)  I’m seriously loving the gorgeous blend of hyper drums, angelic strings, and subtle crackle effect creating a dynamic cluster of rrrrich sound.  This song shares some elements of Beats Antique and Pretty Lights (AGAIN DENVER! AGAIN!!!!), with it’s cultural sound, energetic melody and funky flavor.

Deez guys (well, guy and girl) got what it takes to rise above. Get on that followin’, they will not disappoint!


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Wet Hot Buku Summer

Buku never ceases to amaze with his ridicockulous gritty bass, unique sounds, and floor humping beats.  His latest is no exception.  His lead ALWAYS reals you in because you know the drop is gonna be crazy and not that typical bass “thump” or robot-orgasm trash that rookies are cramming into their songs in a giant douche competition to be the filthiest dub.  Buku fine tunes his jams to create an addictive blend of gnarly bass layered with sweat-inducing, future trappy goodness. I feel like he spends a lot of his time trying to find that perfect sound… Or maybe it just pops into his head while he’s on the john. I don’t know but it works!



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