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Hot hot hot!!


Song is aptly named I must say. This “wavey” vibe makes me think of heat rising off a scorching sand dune. Maybe because this song is so HOT! (GET IT?!?!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!)  Definitely traveling through a desert town to this one… maybe some harem girls dancing, fire spinning, a giant cobra just chillin on a huge satin pillow.

I love the combo of different cultural sounds with trap and sexy sultry bass popped with some perfectly positioned snaps. I’m gettin on my magic carpet…

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Vô Lá

I heard this one on KCRW last week Vô Lá from Brazilian rapper Karol Conka. The Portuguese rapping sounds really cool with it’s crunky, trapy, R&B beat. The male back up vox have an old victrola recording vibe and I’m digging the down spiraling high pitch distorted beep trails .18.

Karol Conka - Vô Lá

Karol Conka – Vô Lá


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Sic Them Youngins On ‘Em

Ice cube is back and I’m getting a serious kick out of his lyrics. “Try to go ham on porky pig” “y’all can’t wrestle with the giant squid” “ask Al Green, I’m hot as grits” “I’m Jim Henson, see my muppets” “get another jar for the organ donor” “try to play chicken with a f****n’ rooster” “I-am-a-f****n’-com-pu-ta” all this brilliance and more in ONE SONG! I absolutely love where he’s taking West Coast rap. Also, you must check out his Everythang’s Corrupt and Sasquatch videos. Do it na0, or Ice Cube might sic them youngins on ya.

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