Creepy Paranoia


So, this song starts off all sweet and pretty sounding.  It was a lovely little melody while I scurried around my room trying to organize and pack for LA Bequinox tomorrow.  Then suddenly shit starts gettin weird and I had to put down my pile of crap I was clutching and check it out.  This glorious shift occurs around 2:30 with these haunting echoes, creepy high pitches and perfect riser to seal the deal.   Eerie sounds mixed with beautiful vocals, is so right up my alley.  (I miiiight just have to make some art to this when I return from dying in the desert for 5 days.)

I will be creepily stalking SAFIA now on soundcloud…and maybe right outside their house because I feel quite so inspired by this song to just get freakin weird.  See you soon SAFIA!

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