Drift Away

This is a unique one!  We’ve got a catchy experimental-ish groove thing goin on in the beginning which caught my attention right off the bat.  Then a quick switch from light and catchy to dramatic emotion filled vocals at 1.06 and I was hooked.  (I could play that short clip on repeat for 3 hours probably definitely.) And immediately right back to a chill beat, but now I feel like it’s more thought provoking. Subtly, the two are artfully swirled together in this gorgeous combo of unique beauty.  Honestly, this song feels more like a work of art than anything else! So I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I’m captivated with this mysterious drifting song.

….AND FREE DOWNLOAD!!! :Ekfjw;oiejfo;J#W@@!!!!!!:fijea;!

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Mermaid Tunes

Swoon worthy.  This song is just swoon worthy and seductive as hhhhelll!!!!  I love beautiful melodic vocals and when you get the right effect on em, it’s just heavenly.  Sol Rising definitely NAILED it.. starting with the ethereal echoes leading into a sick bassline  and gettin glitchy wit it!  This song has got some serious flow to it. Doesn’t it make you think of a mermaid in gold chains?! MEEE TOOOOOO!!!!!!


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