Gangsta Love

You cannot deny the appeal of smooth thug love and this song is fully embracing it.

I was completely hooked in the first 5 seconds, with the provocative lyrics and soft reverb on the vocals punctuated by simple snaps.  This sensual rhythmic intro sways into steady drum beat (and possibly wooden percussion?), keeping that sizzling vibe but adding depth.  I mean, this shit will get you sweatin.. not like, a complete gloss coat of sweat, but that one drop that kinda snakes down from your temple and slowly drips along the side of your neck all the way past the clavicle… shit’s real.  After the sexy beat tapers off to cool you down with some gentle soothing keyboard notes, you realize… this song is gangsta.


And you might be pregnant. (Go figure that only took about 2 minutes…)


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