Saxy Tiiiiiime

Let’s get our tropical groove on!  But also, let’s be sorta sad while we get our tropical groove on.

That’s how this song makes me feel.  I think mixing a cheerful melody with sad lyrics or vice versa is pretty much the best and always will be.  We’ve got some feel-good tropical beats goin on here, with some delightful sax spinnin through it. THEN you layer on these heart breaking lyrics and vocals just oozing with hopelessness. I mean come ON… that filter at 3:31? I think my heart just melted out of my eyes.  So naturally you start sobbing, then the sax comes back and reminds you that life is just life and you know what, you’re gonna be just fine.

Another thing I really respect about this remix is how crazy different it is from the original.  The original is gorgeous, heavy and entirely somber.  How the hell did Thero hear this and go– “OO MAI GAWD! Do you know what would be sick with this?! A TROPICAL BEAT AND SAXOPHONE LETS DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I still don’t know how he pulled it off, but he nailed it.


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