natural disaster

This beautiful melodic flute and mandolin plucking is perfectly juxtaposed by the low, yet up lifting rumbling bass line in Runaway featuring Maryann. So pretty, it’s hard to call it by Ratchet, but not hard to believe that it’s from the Simplify recordings repertoire, damn fine tunes. This track sounds simple at first blush, but listen closely; it’s delightfully intricate. It starts of like snakes and cicadas on a scorching hot day. An interesting high sound at .22 like an electric violin merged with steel drums replaces what might have been beeps in a more average track. I’m always impressed with innovative uses of cranks and growls, so the sputtering, cranking that morphs into a growly laser at 2.04 is really cool. I love the repetitive low “with” high “Me!” wiME! wiMe! wiME! They warped the vocals into a whirling, swarming effect that swoops in strongest at 1.29 before the beat drops in like the eye of the storm. Doesn’t running away sound like so much fun…



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