Runnin’ Circles

Mat Zo got me runnin’ circles for this jam right here!  Seriously, the journey and layers in this song is just ridickillus!!  Leading with a simple lil high hat and drifting into a slow build he teases the shit outta you with drumz on drumz on drumz til he finally gifts you that snarling growling gritty bass that you are practically crying for at this point.  I know I was! (Seriously I think I was gripping my laptop with white knuckles and drooling on the mouse pad) And he hits you with that shit hard and fast just like you want it–BUT! I say BUT! He knows when to stop… to take it away dat throbbing bass and create a space to mellow you out with some heartfelt lyrics echoing into glitchy effects and runnin tha bass through your sexy earholes again.  For me, what sealed the deal and lit my cigarette were those sax-y synth sounds EXPLODING in at 3:20 for the grand finale.  I practically threw up.

Like always, Mat Zo is continuously experimenting with new sounds and genre-bending from one song to the next, and I am quite thrilled with his recent venture into heavy dubby bass!


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