Snatch This

“They don’t make dubstep like they used to.” I mean, doesn’t everyone hear that every other day or so? …Or maybe it’s just me who’s sayin that every other day or so….. But let’s be real, quite often, dubstep really isn’t what it used to be! It’s had it’s 15 minutes of fame, (yet forever altering the electronic music world as we know it).  HOWEVER, it’s not going quietly into the night as there are still pllllenty of dubstep artists with massive skillz!  It’s just harder to find them amongst the gigantic sea of new producers creating the “hardest” sounds possible but forgetting the art of creation and the power of an appropriate drop that is more than the sound of a washing machine on steroids.

Trolley Snatcha (Zack the Lad) is so ridiculously skilled in creating his own unique concoction of sounds and maintaining that classical grimy dub quality that we all got addicted to in the beginning.  This song is PERFECT for Friday to amp you up for the weekend!! I love the raggaeton style rising into the sickest wobbles and rich growling drops that have a character all their own.  Trolley knows how to switch up his heavy sounds and create a variety of gritty bass, keeping you entertained from start to finish. This. Is dubstep mastery.

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