Art – Jack Garratt

I love ominous. I love dark undertones.  I love quiet rage.  When this song came on, from the very beginning with it’s hollow vocals and eerie echoes, I was hooked.   It’s gentle and almost soothing, but you can feel the growing pressure.. you know something’s coming.  It seems like a soft seething til it releases a smooth fury at 2:18.  SSSSOOOooooo  sexy!!!!!! (I think I may have made a sound similar to a porno at that point. EMBARRRAAsssiinnng!) It’s just SO GOOD though!  This song captures them molten heartbreak feels.  When a song captivates me like that…I MUST MAKE ART!!!!!

CURSES! I am a slaaaaave to good muuuuussiiiicc!!!!

Worry - Jack Garratt

Worry – Jack Garratt


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Slum Love

Every now and then a song comes along that is SO gritty and SO grimy that it renders me catatonic on the floor with my face floating in a huge pool of my own drool.  I can’t get over it. Repeat for dayyyys son!!! This jam has such a beautiful flow to it, the mellow echoey beginning drifting into the hardest filth I’ve heard in a long ass time.  No build, no nothing. Talent, folks.

Thank you, Zeds Dead, for droppin this into your latest mix and gracing my ears.


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If having romantic desires for a song is a crime then I am guilty as charged. Because this is true love here folks.  I love everything about this song from it’s peppy beginning to the piano notes dropped in and dem deep gritty sexyyyy vocals (kinda feels Reggae gone seriously dirty to me) Bass kicks in and it just gets NNNnnngggghhhh!!!  Filthy! I’m going to be creepin’ on this duo from Australia probably for the rest of their lives. Apologies in advance, future best friends!!!! 🙂

Vocals by Lewis Canavan aka “Silvertongue”

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ART: Zhu – Faded

So yesterday, MrSuicideSheep  ( posted this purr worthy song that I’ve obviously been repeating ever since I heard it.  I love sexy songs with underlying tones of darkness.  To me, this song is perfect for that… and totally relatable. How many times have I thought this, and the only thing stopping me was that I couldn’t drive… due to that whole “faded” thing… Kinda ironic.  Love it! Had to make a lyrics piece to it!

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Mix Cake

Imma call this a Mix Cake instead of mixtape because it’s so freakin sweet (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!)

…No but seriously you guys.  There is nothing more perfect for the morning, or the afternoon, or the evening, than this mixtape.  Boogaluke has an incredible mixing style with a ridiculously epic flow throughout.  We’ve got a sexy theme consistent swirled up with grunt and purr worthy moments, switching up to glitchy pops then takin us down a smooth waterslide of RnB and when you get to the bottom he PUNCHES YOU IN THE FACE WITH EPIC.

HANDS. DOWN.  MY NEW FAV MIX TAPE! You will be getting animal to this.  He’s that good new new, follow him NOW!

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Slow Motion Sunday

It’s noon on a Sunday, so you probably aren’t awake yet.  But when you DO open those bleary eyes and ears, I’ll have this soft sexy song spooning you awake.  Warning: this song might me you wanna get back in bed and light some candles if you know what I meeeEEEEAANNNnn!!!! Bowchikkabowbowwwww! 😉

ASTR is a duo living and producing in NYC that met at a yoga class. (I simply adore that.) Their sound is influenced by cinema noire,  Miami Vice and Urban dreamscape.

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